Improving Student Achievement 

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The mission of Riverview Academy of Math and Science is to provide students with a well-rounded elementary and middle school education, through a challenging program, focused on mathematics and science using innovative, reform-based instructional methods in a stimulating and nurturing environment that fosters maximum student achievement.

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RAMS the CHOICE in Public Charter Schools


Character - We endeavour to do what is right over what is expedient, holding one another to the highest level of professionalism


Honesty - We strive to be truthful and above board in all our interactions and decisions, ensuring alignment between words and deeds.


Optimism - We cultivate lifelong learning and the belief that all students can learn to high levels, by choosing to the possibilities rather than limitations. 


Innovation - We create a positive environment conducive to creativity and utilize technology to address further challenges.


Collaboration - We believe that high performance teams composed of individuals, committed to the common good and engaged around a common goal, will ultimately produce outstanding results.


Excellence - We pursue continuous improvement through effective feedback and the use of data as we strive to deliver the highest level of educational services.