Riverview Academy High School

Riverview Academy High School

Riverview Academy of Math & Science is excited to announce that construction of the new Riverview Academy High School (RAHS) is underway, and we are now accepting applications for students entering 9 grade for the 2022-2023 school year.

Built on the same model as our award-winning, Florida High Performing Charter High School, Bell Creek Academy High School; RAHS will be a full-service high school, offering rigorous college preparatory curriculum including Cambridge and a variety of enriching extracurricular options.

The campus will include a regulation-size gym for basketball and volleyball with bleachers, locker rooms for home and visiting teams, and a concession area to support all games as well as new baseball and soccer facilities.

Your student will be a part of an exceptional climate and culture and be among the first to graduate as the Class of 2025!

  • An excellent college preparatory education designed to promote academic excellence.

  • The development of social responsibility through an integrated program of academics, service and extra-curricular activities.

  • Regular, advanced, and honors, coursework 

  • Students participate in fine and practical arts, physical education, and foreign languages. 

  • Dual enrollment through HCC.

New Courts & Walls Going Up:

NOW Accepting Applications

RIVERVIEW ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL is now accepting applications for incoming new students entering 9th & 10th Grades.
Growing to grade 12 with each new school year through 2024/25 ​​​​

Click below to apply for the 2022-2023 School Year
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The mission of Riverview Academy High School is to provide students with a well-rounded college preparatory and career exploration high school education, through a challenging academic program supported by technology, on-site learning experiences via local business and the opportunity to tie classroom learning with the real world of work.

High School Curriculum

Career Academics:

Students in 9th grade will choose an academy in their freshman year:

  • Marine and Environmental Science: 

    Students who enroll in the Academy of Marine and Environmental Science gain first-hand experience by working with environmental professionals while participating in hands-on labs, outdoor research, and field experiences. Students participate in a rigorous program of study that includes dual enrollment opportunities and honors credit. Students in the academy are required to participate in the Environmental Club.
    Planned Electives: Zoology • Marine Sciences • Forensics • AP Environmental Science • Anatomy & Physiology • Executive Internships

  • Business and Finance: 

    The Business and Finance Academy is an academic and internship program for high school students exploring career opportunities within the financial services and business management industries. Students participate in a rigorous program of study that includes dual enrollment opportunities and honors credit. Students in the academy are required to participate in the DECA student association.
    Planned Electives: Marketing • Accounting • Legal Aspects of Business • Computing for College & Careers • Executive Internships

  • Legal Studies:
    This Legal Studies Academy provides students with career and college opportunities in the field of law. College-bound students will find numerous higher education opportunities in law, including public administration, political studies, and law school. Students will have the opportunity to intern in law offices and governmental agencies. 
    Planned Electives: Psychology & Sociology • Political Science • Law Studies • Legal Systems • Court Procedures • International Law • Comparative Political Systems • Constitutional Law • Executive Internships

During their senior year (12th grade), students participate in the Executive Internship Program which allows them to go into the field and experience what working in that environment entails.


  • Language Arts   4 credits
  • Mathematics    4 credits
  • Science        4 credits (3 required)
  • Social Studies   4 credits (3 required)
  • Foreign Language   2 credits (required for admission to state university system)
  • General Electives  8 credits
  • Required Electives  2 credits (i.e., fine and performing arts, practical arts, physical education, health, and life management)


  • Drawing & Painting
  • Portfolio Development
  • Film
  • Digital Art Imaging
  • Journalism
  • Computers for College and Careers
  • Game Simulation Animation
  • Band
  • Chorus
  • Spanish 1, 2, 3
  • Debate
  • IT Essentials