Wednesday, May 26th | Grades 4-8

Wear your house colors and bring your spirit!
Final chance for house points before we crown the 2020-2021 house winner!

1st place- 400 points  • 2nd place- 200 points  • 3rd place- 100 points  • 4th place- 50 points

  1. Cereal Scramble - Each team has 3 students  - Create simple puzzles by cutting up the front panel of empty cereal boxes. First one to correctly re-assemble the cereal box image wins!
  2. State Of Affairs- Each team has 2 students - Players attempt to name as many U.S. state capitals as they can in one minute. They have 1 minute.
  3. Chop Stick Race- Each team has 3 students - Who can get the most Cheerios (or other round cereal) from one bowl to the other using only chopsticks? Set the timer for a minute!
  4. Human Dictionary- Each team has 3 students - Each team will receive 15 words. They will have to sort the word cards in alphabetical order. The team to complete it correctly the fastest wins! 
  5. Sponge Relay- Each team has 5 students  - Students line up. The first student has a bucket filled with water and a sponge. They have to fill the sponge with water then pass it down the line to the last person who will squeeze the water into a bucket. The sponge must be passed back down the line through each person to continue. The team who fills the bucket the most within 3 minutes wins.
  6. Penny Penny! - Students have 1 minute to see who can stack the most pennies without them falling over.
  7. Lucky Charm! Each team has 3 students - Students work in groups of 3 or 4 to organize a box of Lucky Charms by cereal piece using a Dixie Cup as their hands. The team who does it the fastest wins!
  8. Giant Game of Musical Chairs- Each team has 5 students - Using the rubber color circles, each team will have 5 students participate. When the music stops, they must stand on a circle. The one who did not make it to a circle is out.
  9. Relay Race- Each team has 5 students - Students will have to run down the field and back tapping the next student in. Once they are done running, they must squat down. The team that is the fastest, wins!
  10. Spot the Difference- Each team will have 3 students - Students will work together to mark the differences between the two images. After 1 minute, the team who found the most differences win!
  11. Silent Speedball- Each team has 5 students (IF NEEDED) - Students stand in a circle far apart. They will pass a volleyball with two hands to another player across the circle. They must catch it, or they will be out. If the player throws it too hard, too low, or too high, they will be out. When it is down to 4 students it gets much faster.