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Message from Coach Correa

Dear parents of our RAMS athletes,

On behalf of our coaches, trainers and staff, thank you for your child(ren)’s participation in RAMS athletics.

The mission of the Athletic Department is to instill, in our student athletes, sportsmanship, morals and values. We strive to develop athletes of character and integrity through guidance, academic challenges, and athletic competition. Our partnership with you is critical to ensuring success for your child(ren) and for our program. In order to create the best environment possible for everyone, I ask that you please:

  1. Notify your coach, the nearest RAMS staff member or me immediately if you have a safety concern at any time. Please tell your student-athlete to do the same. Our student athletes’ health and safety are paramount.
  2. Treat all coaches, players, parents, officials, and opposing fans with courtesy and respect, and demonstrate sportsmanlike behavior at all athletic events. Please also avoid speaking negatively about a coach in front of your athlete.
  3. Encourage your athlete to make an appointment to speak with his/her coach if he/she has a concern. If the outcome is not successful, you should then make an appointment to speak with the coach. If your concerns are not resolved after meeting with the coach, please contact me. Please do not register your concerns in an impromptu conversation before/after practices or games with coaches or with me.
  4. Support your athlete’s efforts by promoting a positive atmosphere at home. Our coaches, staff, and I promise to do the same at school, practices, and competitions.
  5. Remember that our athletic program is designed to teach the fundamentals of each sport and to help young men and women grow and develop through competition and teamwork.

I look forward to a great year and appreciate your support.

Go Barracudas!


Coach Correa, Athletic Director