RAMS Student Houses



House Info:

House meetings are every Friday with the top 6 point earners from each house. Each student in the top 6 earns a dress-down pass and a McDonalds or Chik-fil-A freebie coupon. The top earner from each house gets to spin the wheel to earn bonus points for their house.
It's a big deal and we have lots of fun each week!

K-3 spins Friday at 2:00, and 4-8 spins Fridays at 2:30.


House Leaders:

Grades K-3

Reveur - Chris Lazarus
Isibindi - Ashleigh Blake
Altruismo - Vivienne Lovelace
Amistad - Dayanara Cipriani

Grades 4-8

Reveur- Daniel Ojewale
Isibindi- Aiden Diamond
Altruismo- Alexis Burdwise
Amistad- Jordan Clark


Quarterly Wins:

Our top 10 point earners from each grade were invited to celebrate their efforts in Quarter 1 with a Glow Party.


Our Quarter 2 incentive party will be a Florida-style snowball battle & cookies and hot cocoa.
Only the top-10 point earners in quarter 2 from each grade are invited to attend.